Semiconductor/Electronics Industry


Piper Plastics is a leading source of parts for every environment in the semiconductor industry. The company machines and fabricates custom designed parts for ETCH, lithography, CMP, final test, wafer handling, and R&D. Piper conducts business with the top manufactures of OEM equipment for semiconductor production. They help support these companies by machining and fabricating top-quality parts like wet bench assemblies, chemical delivery systems, polypro carts and cabinetry, sockets, nests, and contactors.

With our extensive experience in the semiconductor industry, Piper Plastics knows when and what materials to use for the application you demand. Piper Plastics uses the most advanced plastics available for use in cleanroom applications. Piper provides Class 6 certified cleanroom cleaning and packaging so parts can go from our cleanroom to yours.

SUCCESS STORY: CMP Retaining Rings

CMP Retaining Rings

Piper Plastics' CMP retaining rings are engineered to enhance yield and productivity levels using the latest advanced materials technology and molding techniques. The retaining rings are made with Kyron®1200, a reinforced PEEK compound that offers offers superior wear properties, high dimensional stability and outstanding chemical resistance.

Design Requirements

  • Extend retaining ring life by as much as 2 times over rings made of PPS
  • Significantly improve inner groove wear resistance by up to 4 times over rings made with PPS
  • Reduce cost of ownership due to longer life
  • Offer superior within-wafer-nonuniformity (WIWNU) over PPS because of improved ring uniformity
  • Offer low defectivity rates

Piper Delivered

Because of their proprietary molding and machining capabilities, Piper Plastics controlled the entire process, from raw resin to completed product, providing unparalleled quality and repeatability.