Aerospace / Defense Industry Aerospace engineers are increasingly requiring lightweight materials that provide processing flexibility, reduced manufacturing costs, and durability in harsh environments. Traditional materials such as aluminum, titanium, and advanced composites carry weight, design, and cost disadvantages. Piper’s Kyron® and KyronMAX™ engineered thermoplastic materials address these challenges, are industry proven, and ensure key performance and cost requirements are met. Piper’s proprietary process technology produces Kyron and KyronMAX shapes and molded parts that have superior properties to those made from standard materials and shapes.

The environment of an aircraft interior is extremely demanding on materials with uncompromising standards for flammability, heat release, smoke generation, and toxicity. Tactical defense applications require reduction of bulk and weight while maintaining durable reliability. Piper has extensive experience designing and manufacturing aerospace components and specializes in flight-worthy precision machined parts, plastic and metal in engines, satellites, and missile systems and is AS 9100:2009 registered.

Piper is committed to exceeding contractual quality standards and is qualified to produce highly complex parts and assemblies that require a high level of accountability and performance.

SUCCESS STORY: Military Brace – Metallic Conversion

A military OEM-based company specified aluminum components as the foundation for a soldier-mounted device. They wanted the strength of aluminum but the weight of plastic to eliminate end user issues. Piper provided a near net-molded shape of KyronMAX S series that met all customer expectations and cost targets.

Aerospace / Defense Industry

Application Highlights

  • Titanium/die cast aluminum replacement
  • Flexural modulus - 4,100,000 psi (28.3 GPa)
  • Thick wall sections - 0.40 in (1.01 cm)
  • Porosity-free with high structural integrity
  • Direct metal-to-plastic conversion without need for redesign
  • 40% weight reduction over metal
  • Tensile strength - 48,700 psi (336 MPa)
  • Eliminates galvanic corrosion

KyronMAX Engineering Polymers’ Property and Cost Advantages vs. Metals

Aerospace / Defense Industry
  • Significant weight saving for comparable stiffness
  • Lower system costs
  • Good corrosion and chemical resistance
  • Good thermal and electrical insulation properties
  • High precision manufacture of complex moldings
  • Elimination of production steps and post-finishing
  • Design freedom


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