Polymer Processing / Injection Molding

Polymer Processing / Injection Molding

Piper Plastics continues to be in the forefront of processing technology and polymer conversion developments. Our processing technology begins where conventional molding methods end. Our engineering team is challenged to think outside of the box and tasked to develop revolutionary molding capabilities which push the boundaries of conventional processing technologies. The net results are molding capabilities that produce polymer attributes previously thought to be unobtainable. .

The equipment and associated processes rely on fundamental applied science to develop and maintain product quality and reliability. All manufactured products are put through a rigorous process validation system. Once defined, the process is locked down to ensure consistency and quality. Piper Plastics is one of the only polymer conversion companies that tests every lot of product produced and supplies a certified mechanical property report along with all molded products. Our customers are secure in knowing that the product they purchased is manufactured to established specifications and validated through scientific testing every time -- without exception.

Piper Develops Innovative Near Net Shape Technology for High Performance Polymers
Near Net Shape Technology Piper Plastics has developed a proprietary high pressure molding technology that yields near net shape polymers up to 2” thick without porosity, voids or sinks. The process, which utilizes molding equipment designed and developed by Piper, allows the company to mold high performance thermoplastics, filled or unfilled, with isotropic mechanical properties.

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Contact Piper Plastics and allow us to demonstrate how we can help you achieve:

  • Higher mechanical performance than traditional polymer molding technologies
  • Lower costs and reduced material waste through near net shape molding
  • Custom blends of high performance materials that will excel in your application
  • Consistent lot-to-lot product attributes with validated testing
  • Improved product traceability through vertical integration and supply chain reduction